The Most Impressive Car Restorations

Cars are a beauty that you can appreciate both from afar or behind the wheel. Though, nowadays the roads are dominated by the cutting edge of technology there is still a group of enthusiasts out there who want to go back to the days of vintage cars. There is something about vintage cars that just catches your attention and does not let you go. You get immersed in its history and rustic roots. But don’t get me wrong, these cars packed with the best parts which means that it has no problem holding its own with any of the other cars on the road. Style with performance to boot, here are some of the most impressive car restorations ever done.

  • It is thought that the lowest run Lincoln Continental in existence is owned by a man named in Murray Mitchell who only drove it 5,587km since he bought it brand new. So what did he do with the car if he didn’t drive it? Well, he spent a sum close to $90,000 trying to store the car in tip-top condition. This is basically a new 1977 Lincoln Continental Mark V just sitting in storage waiting for someone to take her out again.

  • Peter Trant uses his time to restore old cars and brings back life into them. He did the same when he got his hands on a very rare, Canadian 1933 McLaughlin Buick Series 80 Victoria coupe. He ended up spending $300 dollars to get the car which was 33 years at this point in 1966. After that, he spent the next whopping 33 years taking the car apart and putting it back together. The end result? A beautiful looking vintage McLaughlin Buick that everyone can’t help but glance over. Peter is also renowned for converting cars into limousines and fitting them out with luxury leather, mini bars, lighting and sound systems. His work can be admired in the fleet from Limo Hire Brisbane.
  • Ross Blewett decided to he wanted to restore a classic 1934 Ford coupe which came in parts scattered in different boxes. He spent nearly three decades gathering parts and putting the pieces together. This odyssey has left him with a beautiful car that he doesn’t know what to do with. After the restoration, the car has not even been driven or has had gas put into it. He says it is much too perfect for all of that and the only thing it has done is be a work of art and hard work and that is more than adequate in my opinion.
  • A judge from Alberta has owned the same car, a yellow FordGalaxie convertible, since 1966. It was gifted to him by his father as a surprise and paid $3,600 for it initially. The interesting thing about this particular car is that it is 7.0L convertible and according to the International 7.0L registry there are only 656 7.0L in existence and only 220 of them are convertibles.

  • We have all had to face the truth of life like Harry Unrah who had to sell his precious Cougar when he had to start his family. This is usually where these stories end but in this case, there is a silver lining. He got reunited with his dream car after 40 years. Before that, the car had lived its own life and even got into a terrible accident. But the stars had aligned for Harry and the car he once regretted selling was his once again. He discovered the car on the Gold Coast near Brisbane and then got on a plane where he got a Limo Hire Gold Coast to take him to once again see the car that had eluded him for so long. It was a dream come true for Harry who bought the car and return it home.