Old Used Cars

It is probably a good idea to develop an appreciation of old used cars right about now. That’s not to say you shouldn’t buy a new car, I just personally don’t know anyone who has bought a new car any time recently. I guess that’s the wrong thing to say if you want to stimulate the economy though. Old used cars with a reasonable price tag will be getting more and more popular. As I looked at the car classifieds recently, it seemed that people were trying to dump payments, at least around these parts. That isn’t to say that there were great deals on new cars, just that people were trying to sell some late models. I went through a full search for used cars two years ago. Actually, it was a search for used minivans. They were priced pretty reasonably compared to other vehicles. I’m sure it is due to the dork factor. They aren’t exactly babe magnets, but I’ll take the trade for practicality. I ended up finding my lightly used minvan about a three hour drive away. Not the most convenient, buy my online search for affordable used cars helped me to save several thousand dollars compared to what was offered locally. The van I ended up buying was a fleet vehicle from Florida with less than 20,000 miles on it. I can’t complain.

There are a lot of places online now for finding old used cheap cars. I’m not talking classic cars, I mean cheap used cars. The competition is a good thing for buyers. Until the economy turns around, you might as well make lemonade right? People needing to get rid of payments in a hurry and people looking for something to drive make a good combination. If you can find used cars listed in your area for a bargain price, go for it.

When I was a teenager, I had a friend who seemed like he was constantly buying and selling old used cars. He’d buy them just to fix them up and then re-sell them. The bodywork wasn’t his specialty though. He just knew how to make them fast and then use that as a selling point. I’m not sure how many people are looking for fast cars right now. He was pretty good at what he did though. I suppose this could be a way for some talented people to turn their time into extra cash. Buying low and fixing the old cars up to sell when the economy starts to get a little better. It might be an idea for some folks. I like to go to estate sales and I’ve seen quite a few old cars in garages when I make my rounds. I can’t imagine that the estate sale companies want to deal with them and when I’ve heard them talking to anyone who shows an interest, they are usually very willing to talk to the next of kin about setting up some kind of deal.

Seriously, I don’t know if I’d ever want to pay for a brand new car again. I’ve found some pretty nice old used vehicles when I’ve done my homework. We also have a car repair shop near us that will do a very thorough pre-inspection on a vehicle you are considering. When I last looked, it was about $70. That’s actually pretty cheap if you can go back to the seller and get them to agree to fix something before you buy. I also recommend spending a few bucks to see the vehicle’s history. I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials where the car is covered in a flood and they end up listing it with new upholstery as a feature. There are some crooked folks out there. It is best to check things out before buying old used cars.