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What We Do

Auto Maintenance Services

Brake Repair Pads & Rotors

Shocks, Struts Replacement

System Diagnosis & Repair

Air Conditioning Services

Tires & Wheel Balancing

Why Choose Us

Experience Skills

We have a team full of experienced professionals who are trained in the work they do. We are dedicated to providing high-quality auto repair and maintenance services

Expert Engineers

You will be impressed by our certified engineers who make use of all the latest technologies and equipment to service your vehicle.

Low Cost

You can find a service which is far from ordinary for an affordable price.

Guarantee Services

We never compromise on the work we do, and thus we guarantee that we will provide exceptional auto repair service.

Trusted Work

As we truly care about the services we provide. We go to the extremes to provide you with the highest quality of service.

High Quality

The quality we provide you is standard, and you can rest assured knowing that your vehicles are in safe hands.

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    Meet The Team

    Kyle Morales

    Maintenance Technician

    Frances Arnold

    Senior Engineers

    Alan Santos

    Technician / Mechanic

    Linda Barrett

    Service Advisor

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    What Our Clients Say

    I would highly recommend Ak Xtreme to anyone. Their services are extremely good and professional.
    Howard Chavez